decorative hand drawn pattern called an Ooberdoodle

Are you a Cultural Creative?

If you are reading this blog, you are probably are among the fast-growing number of people with a paradigm-shifting world view—one that is changing major developments world-wide, and at an accelerated rate. You… understand the urgent need for social change and are actively involved in a meaningful way care deeply about ecology, interpersonal relationships, peace, […]

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black ink pattern repetition doodle called Ooberdoodle


 Curious about the pattens you see on my website? Those are OOberdoodles—the name I’ve given the random, of no consequence doodles I started drawing years ago. I play at making them whenever I need to ponder a decision, let my mind concentrate on something really important, or just run free. Does your mind start to

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decorative repetitive doodle illustration called OOberdoodle

Being in Cahoots

Being “in cahoots” tends to have a bad name. The word “cahoots” is derived from the French word cahute, meaning “cabin” or “hut.” It implies that two or more people are hidden away working together in secret. Bandits in the old Westerns were usually in cahoots to rob the town bank. Think Butch Cassidy and

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